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stop hackers from steeling your files

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your wifi is at risk

Most people are shocked when they learn how easy it is for hackers to view your internet activity and access your computer when you’re connected to a public wifi connection.

When you’re connected to a public wifi hotspot at a cafe, on an airplane, at a hotel, or anywhere else, the way your computer is able to access the internet wirelessly is by virtually “yelling” data to the internet connection in the room. Every other computer that’s around you is able to hear what your computer is “saying”…. If it wants to.

Every time you login to a Facebook, send an email, or visit a website, your computer is revealing every detail, including usernames, passwords and email messages to the whole room!

A hacker with just basic software available on the internet for free can get access to your computer and all of your web surfing activity within 30 seconds of you being online in a public wifi location.

See what hackers love to steal:

protect banking information online  protect website passwords  email security


This problem is an epidemic and most people don’t know about it. There are over 24,000 videos on youtube showing people how to hack you over wireless internet connections and one piece software to that allows phones to hack your wifi has been downloaded over a million times!

A report in Forbes magazine found “rampant” examples of wifi hacking and spying at several major US airports. According to an NBC News article, a well funded group drove through towns, accessed people’s computers over public wifi accounts and “snooped on Wi-Fi networks and recorded details of email logins, medical information, sexual preferences and even evidence of extramarital affairs.”

If you don't think you're at risk you're fooling yourself. College students, freelancers, or anyone who uses a hotel, coffee shop or public wifi network is in huge danger of being hacked!



thankfully there is a way to protect yourself

There's an easy way to protect yourself and your privacy, but almost no one knows about it!

You can prevent hackers from seeing what you’re doing online by using software that encrypts your connection. Encryption takes all your information and scrambles its – its like your computer is now yelling in a foreign language, the other computers can hear it but they can’t understand it.

The Federal Government, the New York Times, and dozens of Local TV Stations all recommend encrypting your data when you’re connected to a public wifeless network.

To encrypt your internet connection all you need to do is install some simple software on your computer and make sure that software is turned on whenever you're using a public wireless connection.


get a copy of wifi sugar

Encrypting your wireless connection is easy with WifiSugar. WifiSugar is simple software that you install on your computer and protects you by using encryption with a click of a button. WifiSugar uses the same technology that Fortune 500 companies and federal governments around the world use to secure their internet connections.

WifiSugar is simple to setup, works with any computer with every web browser and is compatible with your anti-virus program. If you get WifiSugar right now, you'll have complete protection for all of your devices within a few minutes because now you can download the program direct from this website!


WifiSugar is Your Complete Solution:

wifi security software

You can download WifiSugar over the internet right now. There's no need to search the store shelves or have to wait to receive a CD in the mail.

Installation takes 90 seconds and WifiSugar can be used on PC or MACs, iPhones, Androids, and Blackberries and is compatible with all major browsers.

Best of all you can add WifiSugar to all your devices to make sure you're fully protected at all times

If you can check your email you can install this software!

prevent wifi hackingWifiSugar works with just about any computer made after 1998 and most cell phones made after 2006.

Just make sure your PC is running any one of these Microsoft Windows versions.

Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8

Or your Intel-based MacBook, MacBook Pro, or MacBook Air,
is using Mac OSX 10.5 and above.

vpn for wifi security

WifiSugar can be launched whenever you want from your Desktop, Start Menu, or right from the same place where you manage your WIFI connections.

You can confidently connect on the go, knowing your user names, passwords, and online activities are protected from hackers and eavesdroppers.

There's no need to go hunting all over your computer to run the program. Simply connect to the wifi connection, then turn on WifiSugar. Its that easy. When you disconnect from that wifi connection, WifiSugar turns off automatically.

We also have easy instructions on how to use it with your Mac, iPad, or mobile phone. Wifi Sugar, is fast, easy and reliable, so you know you can depend on it to keep you safe.



WifiSugar Is Important For Everyone:

WifiSugar should be used by anyone who uses their laptop or phone outside of their own home. Millions of people are victims of identity theft every year, people who work online are much more likely to be victims, don’t become a statistic. Wireless security is a must have for all types of people.

online security for studentsStudents. These days nearly every college student has a laptop and they use it everywhere they go. Dorms, libraries, classrooms, and coffee shops are all places where hackers can attempt to access your laptop. Keep your web browsing and personal files safe.




internet security for businessHotel Travelers. People who stay in hotels are especially at risk for WIFI hacking. Criminals love hotels because they can spy on anyone's internet activity anywhere in the building and remaining anonymous. Don't let your vacation be ruined by cyber thieves.




wireless security coffee shopsFreelancers and remote workers. Every email you send from a coffee shop can be read by WIFI hackers. The financial and reputational damage that could be caused if your client or employers information was lost to criminals could be huge. If your work is important to you, so should be your security.




wifi hackers airportsBusiness Travelers. A growing number US airports have had WIFI hacking attacks happen in the last few years. Additionally in-flight WIFI is an especially attractive target for hackers because so many people traveling on airplanes are performing business correspondence. Don't become a victim at 35,000 feet.




public wifi securityAnyone who uses a public WIFI connection and cares about their privacy. There's a reason that the Federal Government, major news outlets, and local TV stations all recommend using the type encryption software offered by WifiSugar..




WifiSugar Features...

Provides secure encrypted channel for WIFI surfers
Can be used while traveling in any country
Installs in under 90 seconds
Complete product support for life
Works with PCs, Macs, iPhones, Androids, and tablets
Compatible with Skype, Instant Messaging programs, Outlook and most other software
FREE copies for all your other computers!


WifiSugar is the easiest, most secure way to surf the internet safely. Within just a few minutes from now you can be protected. This month Wifi Sugar is offering a special sale of 50% OFF. Get a full year of protection for just $47.

Just click the big orange "Buy Now" button below for INSTANT ACCESS...


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money back guarantee



Read More:

Q: Is my transaction secure?
A:Yes. At WifiSugar we care about privacy and security so we make sure that the payment page is tested for security by McAfee and Norton every day. Credit Card orders are processed securely and Wifi Sugar never holds, stores, or reads your credit card information.

Q: How does it work?
A: You don't need any additional software or hardware or use our service. The program automatically configures your Windows or MAC operating system. It creates a new network interface so that you can connect to our servers which perform the encryption process.

Q: Will using WifiSugar slow down my internet connection?
A: Internet connection speeds very based upon location, computer hardware, your ISP's support of protocols and systems but most of our customers never experience a noticeable slow down in their internet connection.

Q: How often can I use this program?
A: You can use WifiSugar whenever you want. We do have usage limits just like a cell phone plan. Everyone is allowed transfer up to 20GB a month, that's enough that you can endlessly surf the internet and watch videos and movies online. 98% of our users don't hit their monthly limit, we just impose it so that people don't use our software for illicit activities.

Q: Do you monitor or view the websites I visit?
A: No we don't keep any logs of our users except for how long you've spent using the software, your connection IP, and how much data you have used. Our service is completely anonymous. We're a privacy company, so we want to keep you safe!

Q: Am I able to use this service anywhere?
A: Yes you can use this service from any location and any country. Plus when you connect to WifiSugar from outside of the United States you will sill be able to access US Only websites which you couldn’t do without this software. Want to watch Hulu in Canada or Netflix in Europe? Now you can!

This is the software your friends would tell you about if they new it existed! Within just a few minutes from now you can be protected.Take advantage of our temporary sale and get a full year of protection for just $47.


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